What is a Cubical Quad Antenna ?

Welcome to quadantenna.com. If you’re looking to purchase a Cubical Quad antenna, you’ve come to the right place. All of our antennas are hand built with the highest quality materials available and should give you many years of service. We have many years of experience in building antennas and we feel that a quad is one of the best ham antennas available. Recently, I’ve been getting requests for 2 meter quads with 2, 4, and 8 elements and even some interest in 6 meter quads. In the next few pages, I’ll provide pictures and information about our products. Meantime, below you’ll find a brief history of the cubical quad.

A cubical quad antenna is a four sided, square version of a folded dipole. In 1947, cubical quads began gaining popularity with amateur radio operators. According to Bob Heil in his book, Heil Ham Radio Handbook, there were articles in QST and CQ magazine showing how to build a 10 meter quad. These antennas are extremely directional and have considerable gain over other antennas such as the Yagi. Being made of light weight materials such as fiberglass and wire, make building, handling and installing the antennas an easy task. Quads can be designed for use in the VHF, UHF and HF amateur bands.

Over time, cubical quads lost some of their popularity but recently new hams have rediscovered them and they are becoming popular again.

For a complete history and technical information about the quad, one should read the book, All About Cubical Quad Antennas, by William I. Orr, W6SAI and Stuart D. Cowan, W2LX. A quick search on Amazon or Google should tell you where to purchase the book if it’s still in print.


My name is Randy and I love quad antennas. In fact, I’ve been building them for over 40 years. To me, you just aren’t going to find a better antenna. Every Ham finds an aspect of radio that interests them. Some it is contesting, QRP,  or digital. My favorite thing about Amateur Radio is antennas. I have always experimented and built my own antennas for my 40+ as a ham. I have learned through trial and error what works and how to make my antennas as efficient as possible. I started selling my quads in the 80’s and have perfected my designs and dimensions and it only took 25 years.

Take a look at the photos and the quality of our products and when you decide you’re ready to go to the next level, contact me, Randy, at  wb5qfm@gmail.com or call 318-773-6877.


2 Meter Cubical Quads

4 element cubical quad          9 dbi gain                  $ 80.00

8 element cubical quad          14 + dbi gain           $150.00

we are now building a 8 element 2 meter inside a 4 element 6 meter quad on a 8 foot boom. you can go to e-bay and look under quad antenna, will be under judyandrandytaylor   .


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Jay’s 4 element cubical quad 30 feet in the air

View of hairpin and spreaders attached to boom.

Plotted 8 Element 2 Meter



I received my four element cubical quad antenna about five months ago, and I am amazed how good it works! I hit repeaters 19 miles away with only 1 watt! Well built to last!
73’s Jay (W5JYB)

8 Element Cubical Quad

Boom and spreader assembly

quad antenna 003

View of stainless steel hairpin and fiberglass spreaders attached to boom.

quad antenna 005
Fiberglass spreader assembly held by stainless steel hairpin clips on to boom
quad antenna 002
SO 239 attached to driver element

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What is a Cubical Quad Antenna ?